11 Most Horribly Disappointing Movie Supervillain Reveals

I can't wait to see... oh, is that really it?!

Spider-Man 3 Venom
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For every great hero, there must be a great villain: how can a movie work without a challenging conflict for the hero to stare down? That's why there's always so much concern and apprehension when an actor or design is revealed for a movie's Big Bad.

Both within the comic book realm and outside it, these 11 apparently epic villains were, in fact, not really epic at all. Whether a result of failing to match previous villains in the series, failing to deliver on the promise of an iconic character, or simply making little sense within the scope of the story, these supervillains were not that super, but in their own ways both ridiculous and extremely disappointing.

In many respects these movies were otherwise perfectly respectable, but when the time came to reveal the big bad and get act three going, they just couldn't stick the landing. Did we miss any super-disappointing villain reveals? Let us know in the comments!

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