11 Most Terrifying Sci-Fi Movie Monsters

10. Antimatter Entity - Prince Of Darkness

Dune Sandworm
Universal Studios

Whether or not John Carpenter's 1987 film Prince of Darkness slots into "science-fiction horror" or "supernatural horror" is up for debate, however Carpenter himself stated this ghastly creation was intended as a marriage of science and the supernatural to create one all-encompassing "ultimate evil".

Initially taking the form of a swirling green liquid in a ceiling-high tube, this sentient entity (possibly Satan or the Antichrist) broadcasts increasingly complex streams of data and psychic visions that foretell of a coming apocalypse from when the liquid's father (an "Anti-God") will escape from the realm of antimatter and wreak havoc on the known universe.

Bit-by-bit, the liquid escapes from the tube and begins to possess the scientists who have come to study it, while drawing an army of nearby homeless people under its spell to viciously attack and kill anyone who might try to escape.

What makes this monster especially scare is its sheer incomprehensibility. Carpenter borrowed from H. P. Lovecraft's notion of an unknowable and ancient evil beyond mortal comprehension whose mere existence would draw people around it into mania and violence. Though Prince of Darkness might've been shafted on initial release by critics, it's since gained a very well deserved cult following, in no small part thanks to the titular baddie.

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