11 Movie Predictions You Can Take To The Bank

The only things guaranteed in life are death and taxes. Oh, and these things...

Mel Gibson Berserker2 It would be safe to say that Hollywood is starting to become a little predictable, especially when it involves a couple of hundred million dollars of studio money. Seemingly every major blockbuster is designed with franchise potential in mind, or at the very least as the first part of a trilogy. Dates for sequels are often announced before the first movie even finishes production, and if your tent-pole release doesn't quite catch on in theaters, just wait a few years and reboot it. With that increasing predictability in mind, this article will make eleven predictions about the future of Hollywood cinema, with opinions that range from the seemingly obvious to things that may seem a little far-fetched at the moment. Covering everything from directors and actors right down to music and distribution whether it happens in months, years or even decades, these are nonetheless predictions that you can take to the bank. Do you agree with the predictions made in the article? Do you see any of the points made not coming to fruition? Do you have any bold opinions on the future of the movie business? As always, sign off in the comments below.
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