11 Movies That Were Far Better Than They Had Any Right To Be

Piranha 3D Given how frequently movies tend to disappoint us in this day and age, mainly due to the fact that we're constantly bombed with dozens of trailers and promotions and then granted a one way ticket on the hype train until the movie is finally released in theatres, it's genuinely nice that once in a while something will come along and actually surprise you. Because let's face it... most movies nowadays fail to live up to what we've pictured in our heads, and though we're probably wrong to raise our expectations to impossible levels, it's not always possible to avoid doing so. So whereas long-awaited pictures like Prometheus probably let down most of us who spent the build-up to its unveiling in a state of giddy joy, sometimes a movie will find itself released without $175 million dollars to spend on the marketing - and less fanfare means less hype, of course, which in turn means that a less-promoted motion picture is more likely to shock you if it's actually good. Given how little we probably expected of them, then, here's 11 movies that were actually far better than they had any right to be, given their seemingly dumb premises or the talent involved...

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