11 Real Life People Who Hated The Movie Version Of Themselves

Who would have thought that having a movie made about you would be the world's worst compliment?

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Sure, we all might love a little fantasy from time to time but there is nothing quite like watching the truth, or at least what we believe to be the truth...

Writing and producing a biographical movie can be difficult for many reasons. Filmmakers are obliged to entertain audiences, that's what the movie industry is about right? The more entertaining the more money in the bank. Sometimes the lives of others might not be as interesting and captivating as some filmmakers might want them to be. Therefore, inventing certain events and playing around with the truth can be a common occurrence.

Although audiences might sometimes enjoy this, those who are at the center of the biopic often find themselves in an awkward position. On one hand, their story has been told, on the other hand, it has been severely misconstrued.

As a result, many subjects become angry and disappointed, vowing to slate said movie whenever they get the chance.

11. Julian Assange, Fifth Estate

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Everybody has their personal opinion on whether whistleblower Julian Assange is a good guy or an evil mastermind straight out of a James Bond movie. As a result, it always going to be difficult to make a movie about him although that didn't stop DreamWorks pictures from trying.

Kudos to Benedict Cumberbatch who somehow managed to embody the equally odd-looking Assange and turn out a pretty decent performance. Sadly, Julian Assange himself was less than impressed and called the movie a "massive propaganda attack."

The worst thing about it, according to Assange, was that nobody had the decency to contact him about the facts, including the man who was playing him. Assange then went on to attack the movie even further calling it, "fiction masquerading as fact" and "a project that vilifies and marginalizes a living political refugee for the benefit of an entrenched, corrupt, and dangerous state."

As you would expect, Wikileaks also hated the idea of a Hollywood composed Assange biopic and managed to get their hands on the script before its release. And what did they do with it? Leaked it of course!


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