11 Recut Movie Trailers That Will Totally Change Your Perspective

You won't be able to see Frozen again in the same way.

Movie trailers have been shown in cinemas for over a century, as a way of building up audience interest in an upcoming attraction. The first ever trailer was screened in a U.S. film theatre in 1913, in the form of a short promotional clip for musical The Pleasure Seekers. It wasn't a movie trailer (at least not as we know them,) but it did set a precedent for how cinema marketing would be handled in the future. Until the late '50s, movie trailers were generally fairly clinical affairs. Not really seen as works of creative design in themselves, they'd often take the form of a few key scenes cut with dry, informative text. Voiceovers in the trailers did exist, but they more closely resembled the neutral tone of a news caster. It was in the '60s that trailers began taking more artistic forms, and the decade saw the release of a number of promotional ads that have since become iconic. Titles such as 2001: A Space Odyssey and Dr. Strangelove helped set a new level for what a trailer should be, leading to the extremely creative and competitive market that exists today. This list takes a look at some brilliant fan variants on famous trailers from over the years. By taking existing footage and editing it in a totally different way, these recuts have managed to totally warp how the original movie is presented. With family favourites transformed into creepy horrors, and serious dramas turned into wacky comedies, each of these recut trailers will completely change your perspective.
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