11 Scariest Final Shots In Thriller Movie History

Putting the 'psychological' in psychological thriller.

Gone Girl Rosamund Pike Amy Close Up
20th Century Fox

The most elusive genre in cinema history has to be the thriller or - better yet - the incredibly vague, but far spookier, 'psychological thriller'.

Blending drama with horror in a subtle enough way that studios can market it to audiences who'd usually turn their noses up at sitting down to watch 90 minutes of limbs being torn off or innocent victims being tormented by murderers, these films can still deliver some of the best movie-going frights around.

I've already covered the scariest final shots in horror movie history, but while those often delivered some kind of gut-punch twist or lingered on a terrifying image, the following selections are a bit more subtle, with it being their implications or connotations that are so impactful.

That doesn't mean they're any less effective though, and each one will have left an impression on you - even if you didn't realise it until one sleepless night at 3am.


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