11 Terrible Early Drafts That Almost Ruined Iconic Villains

3. The Alien Hybrid - Alien Resurrection

alien resurrection
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Again, the use of the word "Iconic" here is pretty liberal, but Alien Resurrection was never quite the unmitigated disaster it has always been proclaimed. Yes, the finale, and the entire cloning sub-plot's resolution is awful, and the monster was like a Doctor Who monster without a budget, or a mentally stable designer, but we're talking relatively here, and the Newborn was still one of the iconic xenomorphs that made the Alien franchise so enduring.

Because if the original designers had had their way, there would have been a lot more reason to call Alien Resurrection the worst Alien film of all time. And we're including AVP: Requiem in there as well.

You see, the original designers had obviously adapted their brief to include the very obvious sexual-horror undertones of the franchise, and they'd gone too far. The premise of Alien was all about fear of emasculation - there are ample scenes of male penetration (the phallic nature of the aliens seed-planter is hard to ignore,) as well as male pregnancy and the ultimate emasculator in the shape of a female action lead, and you could say it played on threats to the so-called sanctity of the male sexual organs.

You might think that was an over-reading (the theorists back it all up,) but looking at the original designs for Resurrection's human/alien hybrid will have you crossing your legs again, as the designers decided to incorporate that quasi-castration phobia by giving the creature both sets of human genitalia.

That might have been okay, if a little odd, but the team had to go one further, by smushing the special parts together, to make an unholy mess of biology that's enough to put you off eating meat for weeks...

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Oh God, why did they have to make it look so SORE?!

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