11 Terrible Early Drafts That Almost Ruined Iconic Villains

5. The Chestburster €“- Alien 3

Alien Dog.jpg

For whatever reason, sci-fi seems to have played a major part in this collection of terrible early drafts of characters: perhaps it's because it's particularly hard to translate the way characters appear in the imagination into something tangible and real to capture on screen.

That must surely be the only way anyone could explain the fact that one of the most enduringly terrifying creatures from all of sci-fi horror - the chestburster - was almost criminally undermined by the decision to dress a dog in biomechanical armour and have it pretend to be a new four-legged version for Alien 3.

The result was hilarious, robbing the formerly scuttling creature of its infamous and hugely successful insectoid movement patterns in favour of a lolloping, slightly waggy run, that was as far from scary as if they'd dressed a dog up as an alien...

Ultimately, the test footage lead to the design being dropped, because the dog's movements were just too comical. It's difficult to argue with that, even if the CGI version of the chestburster that was eventually included was painfully bad.

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