11 Things You Learn Rewatching From Russia With Love

Bond borrows from Hitchcock with (mostly) delicious results.

From Russia With Love Sean Connery
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Continuing our weekly series of rewatching every single James Bond movie - which began with Dr. No last week - this time we're tackling the second entry into the franchise, 1963's From Russia with Love.

One of the best-reviewed of all the Bond films, Sean Connery is decidedly more confident and comfortable this time around, in a mostly riveting spy romp that has its dated moments and flabby elements, but bolsters the Bond formula far more decisively than its predecessor.

As ever, if you've not seen the film in quite some time, a rewatch is sure to prove illuminating within a contemporary context, both in terms of its influence on more recent Bond films, and as representative of the politics of the 1960s.

A classic Bond film that created the template for so many future entries, From Russia with Love is the ludicrously fun - if undeniably flawed - trend-setter that's (mostly) aged pretty damn well...


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