11 Times Movie Studios Stupidly Spoiled Their Own Secrets

If you bought the Phantom Menace soundtrack before the movie came out, nerd rage ensued...

Movie studios have plenty invested in ensuring that the secrets to their biggest projects aren't spoiled ahead of time. After all, if a crucial plot point ends up revealed, regardless of whether it's desirable or disastrous, it'll likely reduce audience enthusiasm in rushing out to see it on release day. So the studios themselves would surely be the last people you'd expect to actually spoil things, right? Despite this mostly being the case, there have been countless instances over the years where, either through incompetence or flat-out idiocy, studios have let slip vital plot information in merchandise, trailers, interviews and pretty much any form of promotion for the movie. The result? Major annoyance and disappointment from avid fans looking forward to said film. Though the age of the Internet has caused pretty much any early-shipped merchandise or Freudian slip in an interview to be dissected forever more, studios need to be smarter in how they work with companies manufacturing merchandise: they need to ensure they don't hit stores until the very last minute, because otherwise, fans will get wind of all the juicy news long before they're in cinemas watching it. Yes, you can help yourself by avoiding spoilers where possible, but sometimes it's blatantly shoved in your face in a trailer, and sometimes trolls will just post it randomly anyway. Here are 11 times movie studios stupidly spoiled their own secrets...


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