11 Upcoming Sci-Fi Movies That Could Be Better Than Star Wars: The Force Awakens

11. Passengers

The pedigree of everyone involved in this film ought to sell Passengers all on its own. Director Morten Tyldum is coming off an Oscar nomination for The Imitation Game and stars Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt are two of the most in-demand talents in Hollywood. Add in Michael Sheen and Laurence Fishburne in supporting roles and Passengers is shaping up quite nicely. Described as a epic space romance film, the premise is immediately intriguing. When a spaceship transporting thousands of people malfunctions, a single passenger (Pratt) is awakened decades before their intended arrival at the colony. Not wanting to grow old alone, he decides to wake up a second passenger. While Star Wars likes to paint good and evil in black and white, Passengers sounds like an exercise in tough choices and compromising morality. It may not be for everyone but don't be surprised if Passengers is the movie everyone€™s talking about at this same time next year.

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