12 "Adult" Movie Moments Sony Don't Want Kids To See

How to cut your film's best line...

Grown Ups Clean
Sony Pictures

If you've been paying attention to Sony movie news recently, you'll know they're currently taking it upon themselves to offer family audiences heavily edited "Clean" versions of their films, to help make them accessible to family audiences. It's probably good for business, but they've spent so much time focusing on the fact that they can get away with it without wondering if they actually SHOULD.

It sets a dangerous precedent, that robs the artist of their final cut. Seth Rogen has already voiced his concern rather publicly, but he needn't worry for now: the first 24 films subject to the censorship don't feature him, and it's probably quite unlikely that they're going to every try and clean up his movies for kids anyway. Who wants to see a non-R-rated Sausage Party anyway?

The 24 films include Adam Sandler flicks, Will Ferrell ones and all of the Spider-Man releases. But even in amongst those titles - which seem harmless enough - there are scenes that will be cut that will rob the films of seriously important moments and beats. And there's no argument for compromising the success of the whole simply to market to another demographic artificially.

Saying that, it's the studio's perrogative to repackage their content, and by the sound of it, they're not entirely bothered about what removing these scenes will do to them...


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