12 Actors Who Are About To Make A Huge Comeback

Like a phoenix from the filmic flames...

Demi Moore Eddie Murphy
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Despite how awful fandoms can be when anyone does ANYTHING wrong to their beloved movie series and how harsh critics can be sometimes, Hollywood can be a surprisingly forgiving place. There's always space for second and third (and occasionally even more) chances in Tinseltown, where even the most appalling films are rarely enough to end careers entirely.

That said, some actors still need a successful comeback every now and then, either to mend their image after something PARTICULARLY poor or embarrassing on their CV or because they actively chose to move away from acting themselves. And by the look of some of the films on the slate for the next few years, it seems we're going to see some familiar names coming back to relevance. Or we can hope so, anyway...

12. Macaulay Culkin

culkin home alone
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We've previously heard whispers of Macaulay Culkin returning to acting a couple of times since his high-profile retirement back in 1994, including a guest appearance on Will & Grace and his appearance in Sex & Breakfast in 2007, but it's never been very concrete.

But, after concentrating on his musical career since 2010, Culkin's got the bug again and is set to appear in Seth Green's upcoming comedy Changeland alongside Green, Breckin Myer and WWE star Randy Orton.

The story follows two friends who travel to Thailand and "realize there's no rule book for finding purpose and meaning in life". Culkin won't be playing one of the leads, but it'll be good to see how much he still remembers about being in front of a camera.


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