12 Actors Who Did Career Worst Work In 2016

Shine those Razzies up.

Ben Foster Warcraft
Universal Pictures

As many brilliant, Oscar-worthy performances as film buffs have been blessed with this year, 2016 has also delivered its share of turns that weren't only terrible, that won't only win Razzies, but are the very worst that certain actors have ever committed to screen.

Either due to shamelessly taking a payday or simply miscalculating their execution of a character, these 12 actors, most of them respected and some of them Oscar-nominated or even Oscar-winners, gave their most pitiable performances to date.

Some can be laughed at, some are a sad sign of the times for said actor, and some are legitimately depressing in their failure. While 2017 is just another year, hopefully these performers will manage to rebound from this truly shoddy work.

Here are 12 actors who did career worst work in 2016...

12. Kevin Spacey (Nine Lives)

Ben Foster Warcraft

The two-time Oscar winner has a knack for picking strong projects, and he has just a few outright stinkers to his name, though not one is more stamina-drainingly, soul-destroyingly awful than this blatant paycheck role.

Spacey plays a Donald Trump-like executive who is turned into a cat as punishment for neglecting his family. At least Spacey only appears physically for a total of about 20 minutes, with the rest of his work being recorded in an air-conditioned voice-over booth, but it's still excruciatingly embarrassing.

With Spacey's huge success on Netflix's House of Cards, did he really need some extra cash that badly? Absolutely painful.


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