12 Actors Who Did Career Worst Work In 2017

A rare misstep for the Cruise Missile.

The Mummy Tom Cruise

2017 has been a great year of cinema for the most part, from a surprising number of quality superhero movies through to a litany of Oscar-worthy films and performances audiences will be remembering for years to come.

Still, what would the brilliant be without some pure cinematic trash to balance things out? These 12 performances aren't merely awful or even just Razzie-worthy, but see these dozen actors turning in their very worst work to date.

Whether highly acclaimed and respected actors shamelessly picking up an easy payday or actors trying hard but ultimately giving a misguided performance, these turns are so staggeringly awful you have to wonder if someone lost a bet, owed someone a favour or, most likely, got an over-the-odds deal they just couldn't refuse.

Hopefully their work at least paid for some nice apartments, yachts and vacations, because these actors are now forever linked to their truly horrendous roles from some of the year's very worst movies...


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