12 Alternative Horror Movie Endings You Didn't See

11. Morbius Vs. Blade - Blade (1998)

Wesley Snipes' Blade is definitely one of the more successful adaptations in the early attempts at filming some of Marvel's lesser-known characters. Sure, it's cheesier than a lockdown sock, but Snipes nails the lead role physically and tonally and there are some superb sequences, especially the blood bath rave opener. There was also a decent teen-aimed mutant ninja vampire sequel, we just don't talk about the third.

There were actually two alternative endings here: The first, seen on the DVD release, was the original ending from the script, later replaced in the theatrical cut by an energetic sword fight between Blade and the big bad himself, Deacon Frost.

This first alternate conclusion sees Frost actually becoming La Magra, the vampire god. The result though was a naff, wobbly blood-blob, rendered in terrible, early CGI work.

The second, more intriguing alternate and additional finale would've been the live action debut of Morbius, the 'living vampire' and biochemist, transformed by the side effects of a typical Marvel science experiment gone wrong. Here he pops up, from a distance, to tease a potential Blade 2 appearance, bizarrely played by the director himself, Steven Norrington.


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