12 Amazing Feats Of Physical Strength By Comic Book Movie Heroes

Clark Kent Oil Rig Comic book superheroes are known for their strength - both in terms of their character and their physical prowess - and there are instances aplenty to illustrate that fact. With superhero movies becoming so abundant, those feats of strength are now plentiful on the big screen too. The extremes of these feats vary massively, depending on what level of the strength spectrum each particular hero is at, but they're all impressive in their own way regardless. In this article, we'll take a look at a dozen of the best examples of physical strength feats carried out by superheroes. Here are twelve amazing feats of physical strength by heroes in comic book movies...

12. Iron Man Catches A Car (Iron Man)

Iron Man Car Catch It's cheating a little bit to include an Iron Man feat, given that all of his strength comes from his suit of armour, but no superhero movie list would be complete without him. At the end of the first Iron Man movie, Tony Stark finds himself battling his mentor, Obadiah Stane, who is wearing the Iron Monger armour. Stane is just about to kill Pepper Potts when Stark flies in and smashes him on to a nearby road. Stane picks up a car (with a family inside) and Stark tells him to put it down. Stane replies "gladly" and is about to throw the car at Stark, but Stark blasts him with a repulsor blast and sends him flying, causing the car to drop. Before it hits the ground, Stark catches it, steadies himself, and puts it down safely.

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