12 Awesome 2014 Performances In Otherwise Awful Movies

12 stinkers distinguished by some fine acting they didn't deserve...

2014 was full of terrible movies that could just be written off without a second thought, but what about when a movie nevertheless boasts one brilliant performance that totally deserves to be in a better film? It happens all the time, and last year was no exception, with numerous talented actors giving spirited performances that were largely wasted on a terrible script and crappy direction. Whether or not they were aware that they were starring in a terrible movie, these 12 actors gave it their all despite pretty much everyone around them giving half-assed paycheque performances, and as such proved easily the most entertaining aspect of each film. There's self-aware hamminess, a totally bada** part for an action star seeking to return to his former glory, numerous Oscar nominees totally slumming it, and one of the most ferocious roles for any female character throughout the whole year. Though it would be easy for these performances to get buried beneath the mediocrity that surrounded them, most critics and audiences saw through enough of the garbage to appreciate the fine work here, even if it's still destined to fly under the radar. Without any further ado, here are 12 awesome 2014 performances in otherwise awful movies...

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