12 Awesome Supporting Actors Who Need Their Own Movies

11. Maya Rudolph

Life Of The Party Maya Rudolph
Warner Bros.

You may not know Maya Rudolph's name, but you will most certainly recognise her as that hilarious actress who improves pretty much every studio comedy - good or bad - that she appears in.

In the last few years alone, she's been the standout in Sisters, Life of the Party and The Happytime Murders, typically stealing scenes left-and-right with what one can only assume is her knack for improv.

Given her tendency to crack audiences up in even terrible movies, it remains absolutely baffling that she hasn't broken out on her own as a major star.

Sure, it's possible she's more comfortable working in somebody else's star vehicle, but considering how ridiculously talented she is, she's certainly capable of a whole lot more.

Oh, and if all this isn't awesome enough, Rudolph is also married to Paul Thomas Anderson. What a bizarre pairing.

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