12 Awesome Villains In Otherwise Terrible Movies

12. Skeletor - Masters Of The Universe

Skeletor Frank Langella Masters Of The Universe
Warner Bros.

Given that Masters Of The Universe director Gary Goddard went out of his way to hire the towering talent of Frank Langella to play iconic He-Man villain Skeletor for his ill-fated sole directorial outing, it should come as no surprise that it worked out well.

Well, at least in terms of Langella's performance, anyway.

Rather than shrinking behind the copious make-up and prosthetic attachments to his face, Langella power-housed it and managed a truly memorable take that managed to swerve the cackling witch-man Skeletor was in the cartoons.

It's just a shame that Goddard chose to star him opposite a particularly vapid Dolph Lundgren, lumbered him with a horrific, idiotic script and singularly failed to decide whether he was shooting for screwball comedy or family action movie.

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