12 Awful Movie Sequels That Franchises Completely Ignored

12. Terminator Genisys (And T3 & Salvation)

Terminator Genisys Jason Clarke

Wiped Out By: Terminator 6

It might not be out yet - or even fully in production - but Terminator 6 is already making some edits to the already convoluted Terminator timeline.

Already we've seen Terminator 3 and Salvation wiped out of existence by Genisys (which James Cameron assured us all was actually good, the big liar) and now the "mender" movie itself is being retconned out of canon by Cameron's newest film.

Arnold Schwarzenegger confirmed that 6 at an event in the UK is going to ignore Genisys too, and sadly confirmed that Robert Patrick wouldn't be involved either.

That means no silly time travel confusion, no John Connor being the bad guy and no deviated timeline, and hopefully, they'll just focus on Sarah Connor as an older action hero.

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