12 Best Female Movie Characters Of 2016

11. Dr Jillian Holtzmann – Ghostbusters

Arrival Amy Adams
Sony Pictures

When Paul Feig announced that his already controversial Ghostbusters reboot would feature (shock! horror!) a female-centric cast, internet misogynists and franchise purists the world over were up in arms and took to Twitter to condemn the movie a gimmicky, man-hating concept. While the new Ghostbusters will never be as beloved as the original it was by no means the sh*t-fest many expected it be, earning several rave reviews that were particularly praising of its all-female cast.

If there was one performance that stood out amongst Ghostbusters’ cast of female of comedic heavyweights it was Kate McKinnon as engineer Dr Jillian Holtzmann. Wild-haired, permanently bedecked in goggles and an eccentric genius with a wicked sense of humour, Holtzmann is arguably the film’s most likeable and funny character.

Not only is she responsible for some of the films best one-liners, delivered in deadpan fashion, she also makes a taboo-busting queef joke within the first few moments of the film – which is only about the fourth time it’s happened in the history of entertainment and quite possibly the first queef quip uttered by a woman onscreen. A historic moment indeed.


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