12 Best Movies To Netflix And Chill To

I just wanted to watch a movie. What did you think I meant!?

Y Tu Mama Tambien
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Remember the days when chilling with Netflix meant that you'd actually sit and watch a film? Such an innocent time... Nowadays, accepting an invitation to watch Netflix and chill with someone carries the strong implication that the two of you may not end up seeing much of the film you choose to watch.

This could lead some to believe that the movie you select isn't particularly important, as the two of you will be far too distracted by each other to enjoy something resembling a plot or storyline. However, this couldn't be further from the truth.

Sure, you may have persuaded the person to come round, but the film you choose is paramount to creating the appropriate atmosphere. Make one wrong move and you may end up sitting there watching the actual movie. The problem is that everyone's different. What works for one person may be a complete turn-off for someone else, so it's worth figuring out what's the right type of movie for you and your fun time partner...

12. Nymphomanic: Vol 1 (2013)

Nymphomaniac Kiss
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So a potential fun buddy is on their way over and you're stressing about what movie you guys are going to watch together. Do you choose the subtle approach, selecting a film that will imply how you hope the night will end? For some, this will work just fine, but sometimes, it's better to just put it all out there.

If you're one of those people, then we have the perfect film for you. Lars von Trier has courted controversy many times over the years, even publicly stating that he sympathised with Hitler once, so a two hour drama featuring copious amounts of unsimulated sex is pretty conservative by the directors standards.

Those looking for romance should turn elsewhere, but if you want to watch porn with someone and pass it off as 'artistic, then Nymphomaniac: Vol 1 is the perfect romp film for you. Those with particularly high endurance may also want to check out Nymphomaniac: Vol 2 for more of the same in case, you know, two hours of sex scenes starring Hollywood actors like Willem Dafoe and Shia Labeouf doesn't provide enough chill time... you lucky sonuvagun.


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