12 Brilliant Movies That Completely Lied What They Were About

11. Drive

The Lie: Here's a movie mis-represented to the extent that an American woman even sued the distributor for the cost of her ticket, after criticising Drive for having "very little driving". Indeed, the trailers for the Ryan Gosling-starring thriller hyped it up as a sexy, slick action film full of gunfights, breakneck car chases and a supremely bada** Ryan Gosling.

The Reality: Nicolas Winding Refn was making a completely different film from what the advertising suggested, though. While it features occasional bursts of brutal violence and a little driving, the movie is weighed more in favour of its quiet, contemplative moments, or as the movie's detractors might claim, "100 minutes of Ryan Gosling staring into the middle distance." More to the point, Gosling's character isn't some awesome, cool guy: his violent lashing out is incredibly disturbing at times, and his quiet, almost Samurai-like stoicism has caused some to speculate that he might be autistic. In short, it's pretty far away from the Fast and the Furious-type yarn a lot of viewers went in expecting and hoping for.

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