12 Comic Book Movie Mistakes You Can't Unsee

Franco's nip slip, Kryptonian Rolexes, and camera crews...

Batman Black Eye
Warner Bros.

There are plenty of movie mistakes which are easy to miss and, once noticed, are nothing more than harmless flubs.

After all, does anyone really care whether Meryl Streep's hairstyle changes whilst Dustin Hoffman is pouring his heart out in Kramer Vs Kramer?

Most genres are pretty forgiving of continuity errors and effects limitations, as dramas are too engrossing for us to notice and comedies don't demand that we take them too seriously in the first place. Comic book adaptations, however, are another story.

After all, hasn't the cultural image of an obsessive fan expecting absolute perfection in execution and peerless verisimilitude literally come from a character called Comic Book Guy? It's not like The Simpsons writers pulled the archetype out of nowhere.

Comic fans are (in)famous for knowing the source material in and out, and as such they're canny and eagle eyed viewers who are well able to spot a mistake no matter how small or inconsequential it may seem.

You might expect this to make comic book filmmakers more careful, but as this list illustrates even directors as aesthetically obsessive as Christopher Nolan can fall victim to the dreaded goof.

The great equalizer which all films have in common, mistakes are there for obsessive fans to find in every film, as evidenced by these twelve examples from big budget blockbuster comic book flicks.

12. Spidey's Vanishing Web - Captain America: Civil War

Batman Black Eye
Marvel Studios

Some of the entries on this list make time a minute for even hardcore comic book movie fans to recognise and remember, but there's no forgetting this iconic moment from Captain America: Civil War.

Which makes it all the more surprising that this mistake managed to make it past the filmmakers, come to think of it.

You know the scene. The iconic introduction of Tom Holland's iteration of Peter Parker saw the actor snatch the eponymous Captain America's shield from his grasp thanks to his trusty wrist-based web shooters, resulting in the unforgettable image of him holding the shield aloft as he surveys the assembled avengers.

So, er, where's the web on that squeaky clean shield he's holding?

You know, the web he used to grab it a second earlier?


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