12 Creepiest Stories About Famous Movie Directors

It's said that the most creative minds are also the craziest, and here's why!

Psychologists have been researching the link between artistry and eccentric behaviour for years, and while most of the time this is perfectly harmless (just look at Wes Anderson), occasionally it hints at something much darker and more sinister percolating beneath the surface. Some directors have built a career on being a little creepy: just look at John Waters or Rob Zombie, though in their defence, both of them keep themselves out of trouble when it counts.

The same sadly can't be said for these 12 directors, who have shown themselves to be predatory, abusive, weird or just downright creepy over the years. From oddball filmmaking practices to flat-out illegal activities, possessiveness and murderous intent over cast members, these directors just couldn't avoid sure scandal when it came-a-knocking, and though the vast majority of them are acclaimed artists in their own right, their weirdness is, in many cases, what they're just as likely to be remembered for.

From Oscar winners to box office giants and art-house masters, these stories prove that the film industry either attracts or creates some very troubled people. A rather unsettling testament to the interplay between madness and brilliance.


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