12 Creepiest Stories About Famous Movie Directors

11. Michael Bay Made Megan Fox Wash His Car For Her Transformers Audition

Paramount Pictures

The Story: Michael Bay gave Megan Fox a rather... unorthodox audition for what would become her breakthrough role in 2007's Transformers, by having the then-19-year-old actress wash his Ferrari. What's more, Bay even filmed it, and when asked by an interviewer where the tape resides to day, he rather unconvincingly replied, "Er, I don'€™t know where it is."

Creep-O-Meter: 6/10

Alright, so it's not exactly on the level of the casting couch, but it's still pretty weird considering that Bay was more than double Fox's age at the time, and there's naturally a suggestive element to the car washing, not to mention that Bay filmed it. Granted, it won Fox a lucrative career, but even so, there's an undeniable ick attached to it.


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