12 Critical Responses To 2017 Films That Make No Sense

The Internet's big mistakes from 2017.


There will never be a film that unifies 100% of its audience. Since film is a subjective medium, it is nigh impossible to find any sort of judgment that can be considered truly objective, despite repeated calls in angry comment sections about "biased reviewers".

That's exactly why we have the various review aggregator sites online that allow critics and audiences to give an average score. Not only is it a handy pass/fail method of assessment for those who deal solely in binaries, but it also offers a broad view of just how divisive even the most successful films can be.

But can these scores be trusted?

Rotten Tomatoes, Metacritc and IMDb all have a major thing in common: they are all absolutely littered with critical ratings that don't make the slightest bit of sense. Every year contains some of these and 2017 was no different. Many films were unfairly bashed while others were hopelessly over-praised. Can online review scores be trusted? Judging by how unfairly these 2017 movies were judged, there's definitely reason to be pessimistic.


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