12 Cult Classic Sci-Fis You Stupidly Ignored First Time

Godzilla isn't all that bad... as long as you accept it's not a Godzilla movie...

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With so many films being made around the world, it's inevitable that some will fall through the cracks where they'll be forgotten by general audiences. And while many of these films will remain unknown to most, some will have the chance at finding new lives if they're lucky enough to be discovered by cult film fans.

Perhaps no genre is this more true than science fiction. Ever since Méliès took early cinemagoers to the moon back in 1902, sci-fi has continued to thrive on the big screen. From the early pioneers of Metropolis, the onslaught of B-Movies that populated the 50s and 60s, and the iconic blockbusters of Star Wars and beyond, these films will always have their audiences.

Likewise, sci-fi has given birth to so many beloved cult hits spanning from the likes of original so-bad-it's-good classic Plan 9 From Outer Space to They Live, The Thing, Donnie Darko, and much, much more.

However, even some of these cult sci-fi flicks have since fallen through the cracks, too. Whether it's because they've garnered a bad reputation or simply been forgotten, these are the cult sci-fi films that you missed the first time round.

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