12 Deleted Movie Scenes With WAY Better Answers

Obvious movie plot holes ANSWERED! Terminator, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars.

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When it comes to making movies, the initial shooting process delivers many hours of watchable material. Once this process is over, it's up to the editing team to trim it all down for its final release. To include or not to include a particular scene is often a key question at this stage.

Deleted scenes can be taken out for many reasons; they pad out the film's runtime, bust up the pacing or are simply disliked by the production crew and cast. With so much footage shot during the filming process, there's bound to be many sequence that doesn't make the cut.

However, on occasion you have a scene that really does add to its production. Specifically, they can fill in missing details in the plot or even change the entire meaning of a film. Some of the finest modern blockbusters have a few holes in their narrative here and there; keeping these moments in would have alleviated some audience confusion.

In no particular order, these are the story segments that didn't make the final cut, but ended up offering some crucial details to the greater picture.

12. I Am Legend - Alternative Ending

Die Hard Hans 2
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First published in 1954, I Am Legend was written by Richard Matheson. It offered a different take on the post-apocalyptic genre by focusing on a single individual. Robert Neville is seemingly the only survivor of a pandemic that has mutated the world's population into ravenous monsters.

When the property returned for a modern update in 2007 starring Will Smith, it was met was mostly positive reviews. High praise was given to the lead's performance and the sense of isolation that hung over the entire flick. However, the third act was easily the biggest point of contention.

The film comes to a head as the monsters Neville has been avoiding pile into his home. At this moment, the scientist discovers a cure within a captured mutant, gives it to fellow survivors Anna and Ethan and finally blows himself up with a grenade in an ultimate sacrifice.

This Hollywood-ised conclusion ended up missing the point of the entire story.

In a deleted sequence that was eventually restored in the director's cut, it turns out that the monsters only wish was to recover their mate.

In this more emotional ending, Neville reaches the conclusion that humanity is the real monster. As a result, a better sense of closure is delivered.


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