12 Depressing Alternate Endings That Were Way Better Than The Originals

12. Dodgeball

Dodgeball Alternate Ending
20th Century Fox

Let's face it, Dodgeball was never a "true underdog story" as it claimed in the tagline, because life's not that great, and underdogs are usually classified as such because they are inferior. So inevitably, they lose - no matter how heroically you want to imagine it - they lose.

So seeing Peter victorious in both the Dodgeball final and over White when he reveals he has bet on the team to win, and is thus able to buy White out (in the most hostile and instantaneous buy-out in the history of business) and send him into a future of fried chicken and morbid obesity, it never rang true for me. But then there was the ending that the writers actually wanted, which turned out an entirely different way...

That ending would have been savagely brilliant - and the real realisation of an underdog story.

The Problem

As good as the ending is for Peter's story (who wants to see Vince Vaughan have a happy ending, really?) the chosen ending's treatment of White is just too hilarious to not have seen the light of day. And the comedy is just too upbeat to really end on a such a down-note.

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