12 Despicable Movie Villains Who Stole Every Scene

11. Silva - Skyfall


Javier Bardem's villainous ex-double-O "Silva" oozes charisma and eloquent charm. It's difficult to despise anyone so handsome, but after initial introductions Bardem leaves no doubt as to how we should feel about his character.

A true adversarial equal to Bond, Raoul Silva imposes his will over the film with grace, style and a sense of the majestic. Everything about him from his walk, his articulate and persuasive monologues, his attire and even his flowing locks command attention whenever he is on screen. His I.Q and clear control of any situation - one which he has no doubt elegantly contrived as a means to an end - dictate that the audience can never take their eyes off of him for fear of missing something important or being taken by surprise.

Like the best villains, Silva is both a counter-point to Bond and a possible alternate version of him. Both were M's favourite pets, both operate off the books, both have the same orders and are both equally capable. This creates an organic intrigue in the character as the audience can never be truly certain who will have the upper hand in any exchanges between the two.

A standout performance lauded by many of the greatest Bond villain ever, Silva is a masterpiece of an antagonist who commands attention at all time.

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