12 Die Hard Easter Eggs You Probably Missed

3. Die Hard With A Vengeance Quotes Pulp Fiction

Die Hard Easter Eggs
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The third Die Hard film was also the third film stars Bruce Willis and Samuel L Jackson appeared in together. But they'd never actually appeared on camera together before, their characters never once crossing paths either in spoof action movie Loaded Weapon 1 or Pulp Fiction; Die Hard With A Vengeance has a cheeky nod to the latter.

Mid-way through the film, Jackson's Zeus Carver is rightfully freaked out at being involved in a terrorist plot to detonate bombs across New York City. At this point in the series, for John McClane, it's just another day. Besides, he tells Zeus, it could be worse. “I was working on a nice fat suspension. Smoking cigarettes and watching Captain Kangaroo.”

That's a nod to the song “Flowers On The Wall” by The Statler Brothers, which appears on the Pulp Fiction soundtrack and is sung along with on the radio by Willis's character in the film. Immediately before he has to run over Ving Rhames, thus juxtaposing a fairly innocent tune with the act of hitting a man with your car to try and kill him.


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