12 Dumb Mistakes You Won't Believe Made It Onto Movie Posters

Batman-The Dark Knight

Movie posters have continued to engage and fascinate us for almost a decade. There's something about the way that a poster can sum up the entire mood of a motion picture in a single image, or manage to entice us into theatres with a few well-placed head shots and a couple of explosions. For anybody working in this competitive arena, you'll know that the possibilities for creativity are seemingly endless. There's no limit but that of your imagination.

Everybody will have their own preference as to what constitutes a perfect poster, of course: some will prefer the iconic works of Drew Struzan, whose posters for Indiana Jones and Star Wars have become just about as well-known as the movie themselves; or perhaps you're a fan of the insane and somewhat disturbing movie posters that frequently hail from Poland. Then again, who can deny the brilliance of classic posters from the Golden Age of cinema? So whereas there are certainly some people out there channelling the maximum amount of creatively into their jobs as poster artists or designers, not everyone is as bothered about producing iconic works of art as others. Take a look at the examples we've assembled here, in fact, all of which were presumably put together by somebody who lied on their resume about having "excellent Photoshop skills." You won't believe your eyes.

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