12 Giant Plot-Holes You Didn't Notice In 2014's Biggest Movies

Or How To Ruin Your Favourite Films Of The Year...

2014 wasn't exactly the smartest year for movies: we had Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles AND Transformers 4 from Michael Bay, a leak that proved Sony really don't care who they internally bash, and a film character named Cooper after his grandfather, despite his surname already being Cooper. Cooper Cooper. Smart. Inevitably with the end of the year in sight and obligatory run-downs of the best, the worst and the most under-appreciated everything of the year, there has to be some accounting for the cynics of the world. Not everything should be a vacant celebration of what has been, and film-makers need to be shown where they made mistakes so they don't do it again. In that respect they're very much like dogs, perpetually locked in the battle of wits that is toilet training. So what follows is a look back at the silliest and most unnecessary plot-holes that helped ruin - or at least distract from - some of the best and biggest films of the year. Call it rubbing their noses in it for the betterment of future cinematic generations if you like... Inevitably plot points are up for firm and frank discussion, including The Hobbit: The Battle Of Five Armies, so there's a top level SPOILER ALERT in full flow.

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