12 Great Action Movies Ruined By Terrible Endings

11. Baby Driver

Baby Driver Debora Lily James.jpg

For most of its run-time, British Hot Fuzz helmer Edgar Wright’s 2017 sleeper hit Baby Driver is a charming and thrilling return to form for the director. Emerging from a scuffle with the MCU with his wit and singular style intact, Wright grafts the simple story of Baby, a getaway driver with a penchant for tunes, and bis love interest ably played by rising star Lily James, to the violent antics of a criminal gang headed by a smooth-talking Kevin Spacey and a psychotic Jon Hamm via various clever car chases, intense fights, and tense stand-offs.

Then comes the bizarre ending, wherein the pair of star-crossed lovers on the lam from the law due to circumstances out of their control—give up and go to jail.

Well, okay, only Baby actually ends up in prison, but the corny conclusion smacks of self-serious morality and really just reminds us how terrible US prison is in reality as Baby shrugs off his stint with a smile in an offensively unrealistic sequence—yes, even for a film this larger-than-life and cartoony.

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