12 Greatest Ever Character Entrances In MCU History

Thor: God of Thunder and King of Cool Entrances.

Black Panther
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For 14 years and counting, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has entertained fans the world over. It’s the biggest movie franchise in history both commercially and in terms of popularity, and naturally there is so much that goes into building its success.

On a large scale, it is knowing that there is a plan often years in advance, incredible casting, and compelling stories and characters that make you care. On the smaller scale, it can come down to just a moment or two in each movie that can give anyone watching goosebumps.

Whether this comes as a shocking twist, an epic action piece like Captain America lifting Mjolnir, or even something as simple as how a character enters the scene, it can be incredibly effective. With immeasurable characters to pick from, there is the potential for the latter to happen in every single MCU property.

This has come in the form of new heroes, debuting new costumes or new powers, or jaw-dropping appearances from characters you just didn’t expect to be seeing. It’s something that the MCU has come to master over the years, but of course some are more memorable than others.

12. Falcon (Captain America: The Winter Soldier)

By the time The Winter Soldier rolled around in 2014, fans of the MCU had gotten to know Steve Rogers pretty well. However, with his previous sidekick now becoming the titular villain from his second solo outing, he needed another to take Bucky’s place. Enter Sam Wilson.

The two met jogging around Washington D.C., bonded over their time serving in the armed forces, and the newest member of the MCU offered Steve and Natasha a place to stay when SHIELD came tumbling around them.

It was teased that Sam spent most of his time in the army in the air, but it wasn’t confirmed until Captain America needed to intimidate someone that he showed off his special talents. Steve and Natasha took Jasper Sitwell to the roof, and though it wasn’t Steve’s style, Nat kicked him over the edge only for him to be saved by Falcon.

Sam’s entrance as the winged hero was simply awesome, and was unlike anything seen in the MCU so far. Since then he has gone on to be a staple of the franchise, and has now taken those wings onto the mantle of Captain America.


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