12 Greatest Ever Disney Trailers

Disney Animation Know How To Introduce Audiences To Their Future Classics...


Teasers and trailers have always been an incredibly important part of the movie industry, as they build anticipation for forthcoming movies, selling the characters and story to us in only a couple of minutes.

A good trailer introduces us to a unique world and memorable characters, using sound and visuals to indicate the approach of the film without providing too many spoilers. Over the years, they have evolved numerous times, but they have always focused on making new movies seem exciting and interesting.

Given their status as the oldest and most popular animation studio in the world, it is no surprise that Disney Animation are masters at using trailers and teasers to introduce us to their future animated classics.

From the old-fashioned charm of Snow White and Cinderella to the more modern and subversive approach embodied by the likes of Frozen and Wreck-It Ralph, each Disney film has a unique sensibility, and their best trailers have showcased this in a colourful and lively fashion.

Over the years, Disney have provided some incredible teasers and trailers...

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