12 Greatest Lone Wolf Characters In Movies

Characters like Rambo and Ripley just work better alone!

Max Rockatansky Mad Max
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There are a tonne of typical clich├ęs and character types that permeate Hollywood, and while that sounds like a bad thing, it actually really benefits many cinema goers. Common character archetypes can help audiences to gain a significant understanding of the film's roles and, therefore, make it easier to become invested in the movies they appear in.

One of the best character types is that of the 'lone wolf'. This is a protagonist who rejects others' help and strives to achieve their goals on their own. There are many great movies built around this concept, often with the narrative centring on attempting to integrate this solo protagonist into working with others.

There is something fundamentally appealing about a character who is confident enough in themselves to strive out on their own, even if that desire to walk solo is bred of insecurity and a lack of opening up.

Lone wolves have been seen in a great many of the best films ever created, and the following entries are not only some of the best examples of this type, but some of the most remarkable character-driven feature-films of all time.

12. The Bride (Kill Bill)

Max Rockatansky Mad Max

Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill movies are an utterly kick-ass pair of titles that indulge in the absurd and dramatic style of the director. They are overly gory, filled with memorable characters, and feature some of the best - and most ridiculous - action set pieces ever seen in movies, and the character who ties it all together is The Bride.

Beatrix Kiddo was an assassin working for the dangerous Bill and his inner circle known as The Vipers. On the day of her wedding rehearsal, Bill appears and massacres the wedding party in a fit of jealous anger, leaving Beatrix for dead. However, after four years of being comatose, she awakens and seeks revenge.

This character's tale is utterly filled to the brim with heartbreak and righteous anger, as not only did her former mentor destroy a large portion of her life, but he even did it whilst she was pregnant. The two movies centre on The Bride hunting down and getting revenge upon this figure, and she walks this path alone.

The Bride has an iconic look, an awesome signature weapon, and an individual attitude that quickly makes her an excellent example of the lone wolf archetype.


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