12 Hidden Sci-Fi Movies You've Probably Never Seen

12. Leviathan


The release of James Cameron’s The Abyss in 1989 prompted a slew of similarly themed imitators, most of which are (whisper it) actually far more fun than that portentous flick, since their R-ratings allow them to wallow in the sort of gory seabed horror we all secretly hoped The Abyss might hold (just look at that ominous title!). Yes, delving into the world of Deepstar Six, The Evil Below, The Rift, and, er, the Mystery Science Theatre 3000-spotlighted title Lords of the Deep will admittedly yield some mixed results.

However the monster from Leviathan, designed by visual effects icon Stan Winston, doesn’t disappoint, and neither does the movie itself from Rambo First Blood Part 2 helmer George P. Cosmatos. Following a crew of geologists stalked and offed by a mutated monstrosity, the film is a compelling and tense creature feature which stars an impressive cast including Home Alone’s Daniel Stern and Ghostbuster’s Ernie Hudson and is well worth a watch for anyone more interested in the monster action of The Abyss rather than the film’s philosophical ponderings.


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