12 Hidden Sci-Fi Movies You've Probably Never Seen

Alcohol allergic aliens! Food that eats you! Cops vs parasites! Er... A talking skeleton?

Dark Dunes Productions

As far as hidden movies go, the sizeable budgets generally required by science fiction flicks mean the genre is less likely to produce an overlooked gem than, for example, horror. In the case of spooky movies, meagre production values mean that due to the sheer number of horror films being churned out at any given time, there will inevitably be a few diamonds in the rough. In comparison even the most grounded sci-fi is likely to require a pretty decent special effects budget, to say nothing of the production design necessitated by more ambitious world building.

However despite this the genre has been home to a handful of often-unseen flicks which are well worth seeking out.

Sometimes, these hidden gems flop upon release and are subsequently forgotten despite being missed masterpieces, whilst others are low budget efforts whose lack of studio promotion meant they were never be sought out by casual viewers. In either case, scouring the bargain bins of the world can often uncover some surprisingly solid unheralded genre fare, and in the case of science fiction we’ve uncovered a handful of flicks which are well worth your time, despite the fact that you probably never came across them until perusing this list.


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