12 Hilarious Amazon Reviews Of 2016's Oscar Winning Films

What do the Academy know, really?

Look, it wasn't the best year for the Oscars: they were accused of rampant white-washing, hired a host who basically took them to pieces on their own stage and then to top it all off they pulled their usual trick of getting almost everything wrong. Yes, giving Mark Rylance a best supporting actor gong feels like a victory, and the recognition for Brie Larson and Alicia Vikander was all spot all, but Leonardo Dicaprio won for the wrong film (Jason Segel should have won best actor, but nobody seems to know he killed it with The End Of The Tour). Plus Spotlight shouldn't have been anyone's best film (The Martian was the right winner) and Sicario deserved the Cinematography and Sound Editing awards (even if it was nice to see Mad Max not entirely shunned). Still, there's always next year. As the perfect balance to the Academy's bluster, you need only consult Amazon - that bastion of the Internet's REAL feelings - to find some stunningly cutting reviews of the year's supposedly "best films". Because if there's any antidote to pompous circumstance, it's an angry customer with about 13% of a grasp on reality and a keyboard...

12. Spectre

Won For: Best Original Song (Writing's On The Wall) Trust Amazon to go straight for the throat. The song - which rightly won a terribly limited field - is actually a very heart-felt, hugely poignant romantic song. So what if it had absolutely NOTHING to do with Spectre.
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