12 Huge Movies That Captain Marvel Destroyed At The Box Office

Higher, further, faster baby.

Captain Marvel
Marvel Studios

Back when Marvel revealed that Captain Marvel would be headlining her own solo film, fans had a lot to say about it. Some were thrilled that the character would finally make her big-screen debut in the MCU's first ever female-led superhero movie, while others were upset that this honour wasn't bestowed upon an already well-established hero like Black Widow or Peggy Carter.

In spite of that, it was destined to be a hit, and not even its supposed "divisiveness" could stop it cleaning up at the box office. That said, few could have predicted the level of success that it would go on to achieve.

With a Marvelous opening weekend that surpassed all initial projections, the film brought in a gigantic $455 million and, in the process, set the record for the sixth-highest opening weekend of all time. From there, it was only higher, further, and faster for Carol Danvers.

With its total currently standing at a whopping $1.038 billion, it has quickly earned itself admission into the Hollywood's elite billion-dollar club, becoming one of the MCU's most successful offerings. In doing so, it has vanquished a number of major blockbusters and even managed to eclipse entire franchises.


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