12 Huge Problems With Harry Potter Movies (Nobody Admits)

12. Harry, Ron And Hermione’s Midnight Stroll – The Philosopher’s Stone

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Every Hogwarts student knows they are forbidden to roam about the school at night. And as such, Harry usually wears his Invisibility Cloak during his many night-time adventures around the castle.

However, after being introduced to Hagrid’s new pet (a dragon named Norbert), the main trio stroll back through the castle in the dead of night without a care in the world. They don’t even bother to keep their voices down as they head back to Gryffindor Tower, and Harry also conveniently forgets his father’s Invisibility Cloak.

If Harry, Ron and Hermione had been cautious during this scene, it would have been more believable. And whilst this problem doesn’t ruin the plot of the movie, it’s still rather odd that the filmmakers didn’t recognise this rather obvious blunder.

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