12 Insane First Drafts Of Famous Movies

11. The One WIth The Futuristic Time Travel Epic - Ghostbusters

Stay Puft
Sony Pictures

The Movie We Know...

The greatest movie about hunting ghosts the world has ever seen, with a troupe of comedy legends, a wonderful script and enough spectacle in there to wow even cynical modern kids. It definitely didn't ever need sort of remaking...

But, What We Almost Got...

Dan Aykroyd's original pitch was considerably bigger and more expensive than the version we ended up with. He originally set it in the future, where multiple groups of Ghostbusters protected the Earth's living residents from ghosts from throughout time and space. His vision was epic, with a lot of huge monsters set to come together to fight the Ghostbusters in the climax.

Just think of it: The Stay Puft Marshmallow guy would have been only one of FIFTY of such monstrous ghosts, which is precisely what killed the movie. There was no way a studio would have forked out for the effects, so Aykroyd toned it all down - and for the better.


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