12 Insane Movie Details You Definitely Missed

Mind. Blown.

Thor The Dark World Kiss
Marvel Studios

Filmmaking is a tough business, and creating even the most basic, forgettable movie takes an absolutely ridiculous amount of work - let alone making something actually worthwhile.

But many directors aren't content merely to give audiences a superficial, on-the-level viewing experience, and love to include mind-bogglingly subtle details most audiences are never even likely to spot.

And so, we have incredible communities like /r/MovieDetails, dedicated to uncovering the impossibly slight, secret details hidden within some of the best and most iconic movies ever made.

Indeed, there's no shame at all in missing every single one of these visual flourishes, though once you're in the know, you'll probably spot them every single time (and can smugly point them out to your friends, of course).

From devastating visual storytelling which will change how you view a film forever, to incredibly subtle foreshadowing and a glorious homage or two, these 12 insane movie details came and went without most audiences having even the faintest idea...


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