12 Insanely Subtle CGI Movie Moments Nobody Noticed

Visual effects at their most brilliantly invisible.

It's a frequent and usually justifiable complaint that your average Hollywood movie is overstuffed with visual effects both lazy and distracting, and for every eye-meltingly convincing Thanos, there's the hilariously terrible-looking Steppenwolf

CGI is often at its best, however, when you're not even aware of its existence. From fixing last-minute on-set issues to building a complex set-piece or adding some neat finishing touches to an already splendid scene, these films are incredible examples of the power of low-key, left-field visual effects wizardry...

12. Jeremy Renner's Arms - Tag

Jeremy Renner Tag
Warner Bros.

Three days into shooting this past summer's cult comedy Tag, Jeremy Renner broke both of his arms while performing a stunt in which he had to ride a stack of chairs down to the floor. Ironically, despite being an Avenger, the movie he injured himself in is a relatively benign summer comedy. Go figure.

After the actor went to the hospital and received some casts for his arms, he returned to set to complete the scene and had to wear special green sleeves over the casts, allowing them to be painted out in post-production.

If you've seen the movie, you can appreciate just how perfect the effect is. The CGI is impossible to spot even if you're looking really, really hard for it. We tried.

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