12 More Deleted Scenes That Explain Confusing Movie Moments

When editing goes very wrong.

Lex Luthor
Warner Bros.

It's a fairly reasonable assumption in film-making that there are going to be deleted and alternate scenes. After all, it's part and parcel of the final editing stage - where the film is polished to its shiniest state - for directors to realise that some moments are self-indulgent, or ruin the film's pace, or are just completely superfluous. It's a good thing, really, and sometimes making cuts that remove something creative is a necessary evil.

What is less good is when those scenes are cut out without anyone realising that they actually played important roles elsewhere in the film's logic or plot. And because movie fans these days are primed to spot plot-holes, gaps in logic and mistakes, you just know that the lack of foresight to compensate for such cuts will come back to haunt the film-maker.

At least you can pin some of those stupid moments on an actual missing jigsaw piece, which can be found either on the home video release as an extra feature, or thanks to a quick frollic through the Internet archives. Because it would be even more embarrassing if all of these plot-holes and confusing moments existed solely because the film-makers were idiots...


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