12 Most Dark And Twisted Movie Scenes Of 2017

Cinema really plumbed the depths of depravity in 2017.

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Amidst all the touching dramas and kid-friendly films that graced the big screen in 2017, quite a few films released over the past 12 months did all they could to push the boundaries of decency and affront us poor moviegoers’ senses.

We’re not talking about your run-of-the-mill, ever so slightly shocking movie moments, but scenes that are truly harrowing – eye-popping, stomach-churning, blood-curdling scenes that make you question exactly what the hell it is you’re watching and what on earth was going through the directors’ and writers’ minds when they conjured this dark subject matter up.

Predictably, many of 2017’s most twisted scenes come from the horror genre, which can always be relied upon for disturbing content, but there’s also a couple of surprise contenders from unlikely genres too. Yep, even superhero movies got pretty dark and weird this past year.

So, prepare yourself for a barrage of 2017’s most dark and depraved movie moments – child killer clowns, curb stomping and cannibalism included.


12. Justice League – Cyborg & The Flash Go Grave Robbing

Warner Bros.

Much of the criticism directed at Justice League focused on its muddled tone, which mixed the DCEU’s usual dark and brooding edge with a smidgeon of light-heartedness, and in all fairness didn’t really work that well.

Nothing sums up this jumbled tone more than a scene between Barry ‘The Flash’ Allen and Victor ‘Cyborg’ Stone as they dig up Superman’s corpse, while Barry cracks the odd joke and the pair bond over their accidental superhero origin stories. Yes, there’s grave-robbing in Justice League.

You’d think that a group of superheroes equipped with all kinds of powers and led by the uber-wealthy Bruce Wayne might come up with more imaginative means of exhuming Superman’s corpse, but no – it’s old-school shovels all the way for Cyborg and The Flash.

Later, when Superman’s resurrection proves successful but he then goes ape-s**t, the wise-cracking Flash even makes an apt little joke about Stephen King’s Pet Sematary. Seriously DC, what the hell?


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